Nieuws - 22 maart 2012

Enjoy the St Matthew Passion

What? Bach's St Matthew Passion
Where and when? 24 March (Wageningen) and 25 March (Utrecht)
Who? Vocal Ensemble Vivavoce
Tip from: Jan van Nieuwenhuize, lecturer in the Land Use Planning chair group and student counsellor.

I am really looking forward to the St Matthew Passion. The Geertekerk in Utrecht is a lovely venue for it. It will only be the second or third time that I have heard it sung and as the last time was many years ago, I am wondering how I will cope with the long sit. Besides classical music I listen to a lot of jazz and blues. In fact my tastes are very broad: I am also going to hear Randy Newman in Eindhoven soon.
I am no music connoisseur. I don't hear the difference between good and not so good, but I love listening to music and I used to play myself too. This particular concert is also a combination of beautiful music and a chance to meet nice people. Several of my ex-students sing in the Vivavoce choir. My hockey team will just have to manage with a different goalie this week: we are going to make a nice day out of it.'