Organisation - June 15, 2017

English-taught bachelor's vetoed for now

Albert Sikkema

The Student-Staff Council at the university has provisionally rejected the Executive Board’s proposal to launch five English-taught Bachelor’s programmes in September 2018.

©Guy Ackermans

The Council wants to be sure that the standard of education can be maintained and has therefore adopted a ‘not unless’ position: only under certain conditions is the Council prepared to endorse the proposal.

To safeguard educational standards, the competencies of students and teachers need some improvement, in the Council’s view. The standard of English needs to go up too. So the current standard of English should be assessed, and skills brushed up where necessary. The Student Council would also like the Board to address the problems posed by the international classroom in Master’s programmes first, to avoid introducing the same problems into Bachelor’s programmes.

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The Student Staff Council also fears that the Board underestimates the additional influx of international students that will result from the introduction of English-taught Bachelor’s degrees. So the Council thinks the university could initially economize on student recruitment. If that does not stop student numbers from growing, the Council is in favour of an admissions cap for the English-taught programmes.


Lastly, the Council believes that Idealis needs more time to get ready to accommodate more international students, who should all be allocated a room as soon as they arrive. The Student Staff Council will not endorse the proposed language change until these issues are addressed.

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  • angry German

    Typical for this provincial university... they pretend to be international, but any move towards a real international university is immediately rejected by the Dutch staff members in the council. The level of English will not be different in the 1st year courses. It is the same teachers anyway that already teach in later years.

    Also typical is that this message is not translated to the English part of the Resource...

    As a German I now needed to learn Dutch to follow 6 (!) courses in Dutch during my whole BSc and MSc until now, all other courses were in English and of these 6 most study materials were in English...

    • Piet Piraat

      While you are here once again anyway trying to take our dutch freedom, can you bring my bicycle back please?

    • fret

      So angry German, you did not some gründlich research to discover the language of the teaching program...?

  • Piet

    Verstandig besluit! Slaat de spijker op zijn kop.

  • Mark Reijerman

    Ik zou erg graag willen weten wat de raad van bestuur met deze uitspraak wil doen. Komt er nog een reactie van de raad van bestuur?