Student - November 11, 2010

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Pan Deli (Derek) is the new blogger for Resource. He is a first-year MSc student from Canton, China. Every week, he will share his adventures under the title: Peter Pan in Neverland.

Visual representation of the tragedy
Go to the toilet, take a torch
Two months is enough for me to experience many ridiculous things in this orange kingdom. Trust me, nothing is impossible in Neverland! Trust me, next time when you wanna do some long-time business on the loo, don't forget to take a torch with you...or a headlight.

Why? Here was a pathetic story...

I was in Forum reading a textbook on metabolism when I really had to go somewhere for my own metabolism. One minute, two minutes, everything was going well. But suddenly, THE WORLD TURNED BLACK! 'Ouch! What's wrong?'  I couldn't see anything in the dark. Some sense of déjà vu aroused in my mind. I was outrageously whining to myself, 'how could you step twice into the same river?' 'Is time really so precious to the Dutch that they even set a limited time for toilet-using?' What a pity boy! Yes, to be frank, I did get stuck in the same situation only one month ago.

'Is anybody here?' Several tries, no reply... I never knew how great the sound insulation effect was until that moment. But just like what some bragging economists kept talking about in the financial crisis days: 'There's always a silver lining. Don't give up.' Some miracle happened, the light was turned on again! Thanks to a guy coming in. What a shame was I couldn't express my gratitude to him because I was still on the seat. Finally I could walk out of the toilet unscathed.

I guess now you understand why you need a torch. Maybe you can't get free meal from anyone, but at least, you can get this free but kindest reminder from me.

Next time when you go to the Forum toilet? Good luck!
Peter PAN, Neverland

My background music for this story is Meat Loaf's "Los Angeloser".