Nieuws - 30 augustus 2001

English Summary

The Wb is back on the road after the summer break, with the English language Wisp'r in its usual place on page 4 for members of the international community here.

This section of the Wisp'r contains a summary of a number of the articles found elsewhere in the Wb in Dutch.

The middle pages of the Wb contain information from Wageningen UR: these are the pages with the headings 'bureau' and 'service'. Information in English is marked with the letter E. On the inside back pages of the Wb there is information on films showing in Wageningen and on activities and events held in cafes and student clubs.

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Wageningen University expects the same number of enrolments for this year as last year.

The exact numbers will be made known at the official opening of the academic year on Monday 3 September. While there were fewer applications from school leavers, the number of transfer students who have already gained a first degree elsewhere has risen. The number of international enrolments for MSc courses is expected to exceed the record number of last year. A number of international students have been delayed in their arrival, however, due to visa problems.

After its success last year, the second Wageningen We-Day will be held on 18 September for all members of staff.

Last year some 2400 people participated, and this year the range of activities on offer has been extended to include more leisurely activities, such as a visit to the Wageningen vineyard, a theatre workshop and a percussion workshop. The usual sports activities include opportunities to participate in team sports as well as individual activities such as line dancing and horse riding. It is possible to register up to 4 September via the website

Representatives from the American Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) visited the Wageningen Centre for Food Sciences (WCFS) last week, in search of answers to a pressing problem.

Research on the safety of food, pesticides, medicine and growth promoters is financed by manufacturers, and provides the information the FDA needs to issue guidelines. Supplements, however, are a different matter. Often produced by small-scale manufacturers, sometimes of dubious origin, there are no legal requirements that research into their safety be carried out in the US. The FDA is also not able to carry the research out itself, but collaboration between governments, universities and multinational food concerns, such as occurs at WCFS may offer a way round this problem in the form of 'pre-competitive' research.