Nieuws - 29 september 2011

Employees' Council sees no need to investigate support

The Van Hall Larenstein Employees' Council thinks the investigation into the level of support at the University of Applied Science is 'completely unnecessary', it says in an open letter to the Executive Board Chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen. The letter can be found on the intranet.

According to the Employees' Council, there is 'no confusion at all' among VHL staff about the strategic objectives, just about what these objectives mean in practice and how they could be achieved. In fact, the money for the investigation would have been better spent on the quality of education, says the Employees' Council.
The Employees' Council says it is 'remarkable' that none of the messages from the Executive Board mention the suspension of programme director Hans van Rooijen as the direct reason for the investigation into levels of support. The council members also criticize the lack of consideration for the fact that the Employees' Council and many members of staff no longer have confidence in the managing director. They hope that the analysis by Dijkhuizen will provide an opportunity to discuss this matter.
The Employees' Council says it plans to organize discussions with all the programme directors in order to 'obtain even more supporting evidence for a correct analysis of the issues'. They also want to consider the possible consequences of a split. 'This is not something the Employees' Council has ever discussed, but at your suggestion it should now be looked at.'