Nieuws - 26 augustus 2010

Employees' Council against Board move to Atlas

The Board of Directors wants to move the administrative centre from its present location at Duivendaal to the campus. The top three floors of Atlas have been earmarked for this.

First-years in front of Atlas
The present occupant, the Environmental Sciences Group, would have to give up a lot of space. In practice this would mean ESG being redistributed over Atlas and the Lumen and Gaia buildings. According to the Board of Directors and ESG director Kees Slingerland this is a reasonable proposition as a lot of the space in Atlas is underutilized. They are basing their views on the maths provided by ABT consultancy.
To get an idea of the consequences of moving in together the ESG employees' council has done its own maths. The consequences are serious: on the basis of the norms adhered to by ABT, employees will lose on average a quarter of their space. Per section of ESG this could rise to more than a third of the space. According to Kees van Diepen, chairman of the employees' council, this contradicts the principle that the present housing concept must be upheld.
The employees' council is roundly critical of the maths employed by ABT. For example, ABT uses space values per FTE that are insufficient, while not all users of Atlas have been taken into the equation. No account has been taken of the specific circumstances relating to employees and the work they do, nor have sufficient meeting rooms been planned. Growth factors have not been anticipated either.
The employees' council, moreover, does not want employees of individual ESG sections to be distributed over different buildings. It will therefore put in a negative advice with regard to the move.
It's quite different for the employees of the central administration. Their employees' council is happy to move, provided the full three floors are made available. They too, will have to put up with less space than their current accommodation at Duivendaal. Chairman Fred Jonker doesn't want to comment on the negative advice yet. 'I'm awaiting the reactions of the central administration first.'