Nieuws - 28 januari 2011

Employee organ takes no-confidence vote in director

The participational council of Van Hall Larenstein has voiced a no confidence in managing director Ellen Marks. This has no far-reaching effects.

The confidence of the employees in the ability of Ellen Marks has fallen to its lowest point', declares Hans Bezuijen, chairman of the joint participational council of the applied sciences university. On Wednesday 26 January, participational councils of both Larenstein and Van Hall took a no-confidence vote in the managing director. This occurred right after a mediation phase has ended.
'The participational council has earlier declared to the executive board that Marks does not have sufficient abilities to head the organization', says Bezuijen. He emphasizes that the participational council does not want to oppose any changes. 'We do however want proposals to be judged on their merits. But it is not possible to have a good substantiated discussion with this managing director.'
No consequences
This no-confidence vote does not have any consequences. Executive Board Chairman Aalt Dijkhuizen immediately expresses his solidarity for Marks. The board regrets the statement made by the participational council. It 'expects the participational council to fulfill its responsibility and cooperate with undiminished effort to implement the charted course.' Spokesperson for the board, Simon Vink, reiterates: 'This is an unusual step from the management and the judicial viewpoints, and deviates from the authority vested in the participational council.'
The participational council does have confidence in Rien Komen, director of operations and education quality. Bezuijen: 'He has only been around recently but we feel that it's possible to carry on a concrete exchange of ideas with him. We prefer to speak to him about issues and decisions.' The participational council can forget about that, is Vink's response. 'The executive board stands firmly behind the management and does not make any distinctions individually.'
The executive board now wants to speed up implementing the strategy plans which fall under the term VHL Ahead. The participational council also wants to quickly resume the regular discussions suspended by the management in December. According to Bezuijen, things have been quiet for too long concerning the reorganization of staff services and Training and Consultancy. 'The people involved still do not know what's going to happen', Bezuijen explains. With a sigh, he adds: 'It's a shame that so much negative energy has been spent in non-substantial discussions.'