Nieuws - 13 februari 2012

Electrical breakdown on campus

Electricity supply in certain areas on the campus broke down at about 2.15 pm this afternoon. Two cables were damaged by excavation works at the Mansholtlaan.

In several buildings on the campus, the electrical breakdown lasted for only a few seconds, causing computers to shut down. However, Forum was plunged into darkness for more than an hour. Parts of Radix and NIOO are still without electricity.
The Forum took on an unusual air: dark lecture theatres, motionless escalators, black monitors. Most of the lectures and practicals were cancelled and students headed home. Several hopefuls who stayed behind attended a lecture at 3.30 pm.
Power supply company Liander reports that two cables have been hit during drilling. One of these has been re-connected. To reach the other cable, digging is being carried out, which will last till 8 pm this evening at the earliest. The ground is still frozen and this hinders the work.
Electricity supply in the Forum has returned in phases.
This incident could be related to the mysterious cables at Friesland Campina.