News - November 12, 2009

Eight groups get maximum research bonus

The Executive Board has allocated research bonuses to excellent and very good chair groups. Eight excellent research groups will each get a bonus of fifty thousand euros, while sixteen very good groups will each get 35 thousand euros.

The chair groups which will get the top prize of fifty thousand euros are: Microbiology (Willem de Vos), Entomology (Marcel Dicke), Nematology (Jaap Bakker), Phytopathology (Pierre de Wit), Plant Production Systems (Ken Giller), Environmental Systems Analysis (Rik Leemans) and the nutrition groups Nutrition and Health (Frans Kok) and Nutrition and Epidemiology (Pieter van 't Veer). All these groups have been given the mark of excellence by an international review committee earlier this year.
Sixteen other groups will get 35 thousand euros because of their high score for quality and a high total score for all four criteria used by the review committee. As all groups have scored high on quality, the difference in bonus between the top groups and the next best groups is small, explains the Executive Board.
The research bonuses are awarded once in two years. Two years ago, thirty groups received the bonuses. Ten research groups had fifty thousand euros, ten had thirty thousand euros and ten had twenty thousand euros. The highest bonuses then went to the chair groups which this time receive less: Laboratory of Physical Chemistry and Colloid Science, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Soil Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Aquatic Ecology and Resource Ecology. The two human nutrition groups, Plant Production Systems and Nematology receive top bonuses this time round, but not two years ago.
The full list with research bonuses can be found on intranet.