Nieuws - 22 december 2010

Eight Keywords of My 2010

Christmas is almost here! This will be my last blog before New Year. I picked up 8 words for my 2010, let’s go!

The tag cloud of my key words 2010
Christmas is almost here! This will be my last blog before New Year. I picked up 8 words (coz 8 is a lucky number in China) to summarize my 2010, let’s go!

Not the first time to mention it…It was a story more about luck rather than courage. But I think I am always on the highway of the life journey. One night alone in Amsterdam, re-union with my friends from Hanzehogeschool in Groningen, the pilgrimage to visit Manneken Pis… Next step is… France! Just hope the snow won’t fall down on December 24 th ’s morning ^_^

Life without football is nothing. Holland’s runner-up in World Cup, Inter Milan’s trophy of Champion League, “PSV 10:0 Feyenoord”, etc., Dutch showed up in every big game of 2010. Going to watch a match of Eredivisie is on my agenda of 2011.

Awesome! Thanks to Tim, I learned this horrible long Dutch word! I believe the more Dutch I learn, the more funny things I will meet! Lekker! ^_^

Haiti, Iceland, Chile, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Gulf of Mexico…the God of disaster seemed to make a notorious world-tour this year. Mr. Catastrophe, can you take a just rest in 2011? I’m already tired of your heavy rock music.

Thanks to WikiLeaks, Assange suddenly became the ‘hero’ overnight. President Obama, why not make a call to President Hu? Don’t forget China is the most excellent blocking expert of the world!

Nobel Prize
For the first time, there’s a Chinese to win the world’s most famous laurel! Sorry, I don’t mean Mr. Liu, who won the peace prize this month. Actually what I’m talking about is Ig Nobel Prize. A scientist of Guangdong, China won the biology prize for his discovery that fellatio is a normal part of fruit bat mating. Err…No comment. But, isn’t it a great achievement? lol

I’m always proud of the 4 years’ bachelor life of Nankai Univ. in Tianjin, China. Hearing Michael Smith’s “How to say goodbye” when I was leaving that beautiful campus, I couldn’t help but crying. Sorry for this now-and-then-sentimental blogger.

Tik Tok
No argument, this is the only best music of the year. Why? Go to Youtube, type in “Wageningen lipdub”, then you will know my reason.
By the way, the 2 nd best music of my 2010 is any noise made by Vuvuzela!
Video of The Week (bonus)
1. Sit down, watch “Zeigeist 2010” to take a look back of the eventful 2010.

2. I came across this clip of Vuvuzela made by Dutch. You can’t miss it!