Student - October 26, 2010

'Education is software for society'

The new cabinet is resolute to achieve its goal of being among the top five international knowledge economies, Prime Minister Rutte declared in his manifesto. The Netherlands needs to be a 'country that uses all its talents'.

Rutte spoke about education in the same light. He called education the 'software' of society and infrastructure the 'hardware'. He also reiterated the importance of cooperation among the private sector, education institutions and the government. The agriculture sector, according to the new Prime Minister, is 'the living proof' of the success of such joint efforts.
Rutte kept close to what is stated by the cabinet in the manifesto presented earlier on. He emphasized that 'targeted cost-cuttings' in education will 'directly benefit' the quality of education. It is true that students have to give up their basic grant during their Masters period, but they will 'get better education in return', said the prime minister.
Rutte also stressed that the cabinet will see to it that stricter immigration regulations do not harm the knowledge economy.