Nieuws - 26 november 2010

Education cut-backs: worst case scenario

The cost-savings plans for higher education will turn out to be even worse than expected: tuition fees for students who prolong their studies will be raised already from September next year. In addition, the maximum extension allowed will be one year.

The NOS reported this based on a leaked memorandum from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Before this, it was unclear how 'extended' students would be affected by the measures because major sections still needed to be filled in. For example, when will the measures be implemented, and what is the maximum extension period? And who will be exempted from them? The memorandum makes it clear that whichever way you look at it, students will be the worse off.
Some had said before this, for example, that the Bachelor's and the Master's degrees are separate issues, and that students would be allowed a year of extension in each of these study phases. But state secretary Zijlstra sees the two degrees as a whole: university students will in fact be allowed a maximum of one year study extension. It appears too that he has decided to implement this as soon as possible: in the next academic year. The current generation of students who have in their ignorance lost a year to, for example, committee work will be the first casualties due to this measure. Zijlstra does not want to make any exceptions either. Time lost due to sickness or committee work? Too bad.
The NOS news agency carries similar bad news for universities. They will also get a cut in the government subsidy for extended students from the next academic year. The institutions will soon have to fork out 3000 euros per year for each extended student.
Do you want to know how much money you will lose due to a study extension? Calculate that on the site of Veste.