Nieuws - 27 januari 2011

Eating insects? Why not?

Who? Arnold van Huis
What? Professor of Entomology
Why? Was beset by international camera teams (Reuters, AFP, ZDF) during a talk in Forum
What about? We should eat more insects.

You have spent the last ten years trying to get these mini-creatures on the agenda. Success at last?
'We are seeing a paradigm shift in our food supplies. We are beginning to realize that we need to take another approach. Already, seventy percent of agricultural land is being used for the production of meat. That is bound to go wrong given the continuing population growth.'
It's not an easy message: eat more worms.
'We have always found eating insects to be strange and primitive. But that attitude is gradually changing to: Why not, actually? It is a kind of eye-opener.'
Are you feeling temporarily famous?
'Actually, I'm quite used to it. I give interviews to media from across the globe nearly every week. Especially since we created a website for the FAO.'