Nieuws - 5 juli 2010

ESG staff doubtful on head office move

Staff at the ESG have their doubts about the move of the head office to the Atlas building. The ESG is going to have to budge up quite a bit, and the question is whether there is enough space.

Gaia and Lumen on the lef, Atlas on the right
ESG director Kees Slingerland says it will be fine. He points to the calculations made by an external bureau. 'According to the current norms, our population easily fits into the three ESG building minus the top three floors of Atlas.' Slingerland said this today during an ESG staff meeting about the coming of the head office.

But this was not enough to quell the doubts. A big group of staff seriously question the calculations that have been made. The ESG management did not stick to the standard norm of 8.5 square metres per fte, but reduced that by 30 percent. That is possible, according to Slingerland, because not everybody is around at any one time. But Slingerland denies that the calculations are based on the concept of the flexible office, which Wageningen UR wants to adopt to save space through flexible office hours.

Little information
The employees' council (OR) shares the staff's doubts about the plans. The OR was asked on Thursday to come up with advice on the planned move. But that is not going to work, according to chairman kees van Diepen. He says the OR does not have enough information to come up with good advice. The OR would like to see the external advice on which the plans are based. 'But I'm speaking personally there, because we have to decide on that together with the OR of the head office.'

Slingerland says the move of the head office will save half a million euros a year. That money will be invested in a new entrance between Gaia and Lumen with space for Isric's facilities. The OR has been asked for its advice on that point. But it has not yet been ascertained whether the architects of Gaia and Lumen will agree to far-reaching changes to their designs. Slingerland also wants to take action on the longstanding wish for a canteen at ESG.