Student - April 2, 2009


Wageningen UR wants to establish a centre for advanced technology – CAT AgroFood – on the Wageningen campus. The centre will house all the measuring equipment for micro and nano technology such as NMR equipment, electronic microscopes and spectroscopic technology.

Together with Gelderland Province, initiator Dr. Frans Kampers of the technology centre has applied for a government grant of 18.8 million euros from FES funds for strengthening regional economies. The government will decide on the grant before the summer vacation. ‘The signals are positive’, says Kampers.

Besides WUR researchers, the centre is to be used by starter companies and the research laboratories of food companies. MRI scans for health investigations will also be carried out in the centre, in collaboration with the Gelderse Vallei hospital in Ede.
For now, it’s a virtual equipment centre, says Kampers. ‘In the first phase, we will only invest in equipment and we will make sure that these expensive research facilities are opened up to industry. After that we will think about a separate building on campus, at walking distance from the science groups, and accommodation for companies wishing to make use of the centre.’