Nieuws - 11 december 2008


Do you think the media should be the defender of the right to know? Should the right to know be part of human rights? If so, I want mine back, the right to know about Wageningen UR news in English.
International students form a large community at WUR and do not have the right or the opportunity to know what is going on with our own university. How stupid the university is! As the main news medium, Resource should be open to all students, not only the Dutch. But why do we only have a few pages? We are not just a money-maker for the university, nor are we the slaves in the research lab, and we are not as dumb as Dutch students think. We have the right to know as the Dutch students do. Where are our rights to know at Wageningen UR?
When we discussed the Chinese flag with Resource, we got a so-called apology letter in Dútch! Who is abusing whose human rights?
I laughed when I read that WUR has a new education cooperation agreement with Nanjing Agricultural University in China. WUR gets new income from the Chinese, but ignores Chinese students after they have paid their huge education fees. Maybe it is the time for the Executive Board to think about how to run sustainable development for WUR’s future. Now, quite a number of international students are still interested in studying here, but what will happen in five or ten years’ time if WUR still denies international students the right to know? I have heard many complaints from my friends, Chinese students. Before they came here, they had heard how famous WUR is for its research and that the teaching was in English. But they were disappointed after coming here, because, except for the teaching, nothing actually is in English. They all said that if they could choose again, they would take their chances in the US, and not at Wageningen UR.
Many international students were involved in university events in their own countries, but why are there only Dutch parties in Wageningen? Without daily news in English, the international students do not encounter an atmosphere that facilitates and encourages brainstorming, which would create a better future for WUR. There have been a few negative experiences in recent years. WUR has attracted quite a number of students from other countries, resulting in high revenues. But these students have never felt that the international atmosphere lived up to their expectations. Their enthusiasm has been destroyed and only a few have managed to get their diploma after many years of studying. These examples place a heavy burden on WUR, but is this what Wageningen UR really wants?
Respect is not just a word. If WUR were to act with respect, it would create a much more beautiful future for itself and more profit. Please give international students the same rights as the Dutch students have.