Nieuws - 9 juni 2011

Dutch-style movie experience


After months of nothing but assignments and exams, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) was finally released. So some friends and I planned to go to the cinema.

One friend recommended us to see it in Ede, where the cinema has bigger screens with better sound and pictures than the one in Wageningen.  I thought there were no differences between cinemas in Indonesia and in the Netherlands, but I was wrong. Tickets here are so expensive (10 euros)! In my country a ticket for a 'good' movie is max 5 Euro, including air conditioner, Dolby surround sound and even fluffy comfortable seats! And here, tickets are booked via internet, also new to me. In Indonesia we queue to get tickets.
On arrival we looked for the popcorn and soda we are used to, but there were only candies. We are not used to eating candies during movies so we decided not to buy any and ended up a bit hungry. Then just as the movie was about to start, there was someone standing at the front.  'What is he doing there?' I wondered. He said something in Dutch (which I didn't understand at all) but I had a feeling he was explaining the movie. And then, when we were absorbed in the movie, suddenly all the lights went on.  I was a bit surprised (again) and of course you can guess: it was coffee break time! I never had a movie with a coffee break before. Dutch people are attached to them in any activity.
We have more or less the same word for a movie theatre. Indonesians call it a 'bioskop', the Dutch a 'bioscoop'. But a bioskop and a bioscoop apparently have different styles! 
Riany Ananti Musfira (Indonesia), Master student Food Technology