Nieuws - 12 december 2011

Dutch students also in former barracks

The university will let Dutch students stay temporarily in the former military barracks in Ede. It has purchased the former Beringhem nursing home in Bennekom to provide accommodation for students and PhD researchers.

The former Beringhem nursing home in Bennekom
In December, 74 rooms in the Maurits barracks in Ede are ready for occupation. Several tens of these have been assigned to Dutch students, now that the housing shortage among foreign students is over. The university has succeeded in the past year in providing many temporary rooms for foreign students. 'We now have sufficient rooms for the peak arrival period of foreign students in September,' says spokesperson Simon Vink. 'As such, rooms could become available temporarily in the course of the academic year.' When there is a new influx of foreign students in August, the Dutch students will have to move out again.
To accommodate the growing increase in foreign students, the university has bought the former nursing home in Beringhem. A hundred student rooms and 34 apartments will be created for foreign students and PhD researchers. These arrangements will only be temporary as the building will be sold again after five years to project developer Ballast Nedam.