News - April 21, 2011

'Dutch-language sing-along music'

Who? Kester Smits
What? Committee member of the KSV Franciscus student society and general coordinator of the 'Wageningen Central' podium at the Liberation Festival.
Why? Is organizing a podium for student bands for Wageningen Central.

What are you going to be organizing exactly?
'We will be setting up a podium at the Stadsbrink centred on the theme of student-friendly party music. There will be performers like Starkoo and Def Rhymz. The repertoire is Dutch-language music to sing along to.'
What is your personal favourite band?
'I think the Utrecht student band Pure Ellende is fantastic, but Def Rhymz and Starkoo are better known. Another good band is Want Want, famous for their hit 'Kip, Paard, Koe' (chicken, horse, cow). They were once nominated for the 'Serious Talent' title by radio station 3FM. Another good band is the Loco Loco Discoshow, DJs who put on a complete show. They will definitely do well and get the whole audience joining in.'
Why is it important to organize a public festival like this?
'Of course, it is good for your society's image if you arrange a podium like this. But it is also good from a financial point of view for us to continue to organize the podium.'