Nieuws - 23 november 2010

Dropout rate lowers rating of VHL in selection guide

Van Hall Larenstein scores moderately in the university selection guide of 2011 (Keuzegids) for its full time professional higher education (hbo). However, Food Technology and Garden & Landscape Design stand out among the programmes.

VHL does not score very well as a medium-sized applied sciences university, with 59 points for all its locations. In comparison, the Ede Christian University of Applied Sciences tops this category with 79 points, while the Utrecht School of the Arts is at the bottom with 56 points. 'Green' rival HAS Den Bosch has a total score of 63. A major reason for the moderate result is the dropout rate in the first year, which is relatively high in VHL, according to the Keuzegids.
Food technology
Standing out prominently is the small programme of Food Technology in Wageningen, which has 80 points. The same programme in Leeuwarden, which is almost twice as big, has a score of 70 points, still considered to be good. Agribusiness in Wageningen is above average with 66 points. 'The programmes in Velp score very well', reports the Keuzegids, referring to programmes involving nature.  Garden & Landscape Design gets 74 points, Forest & Nature Management, 66. In Leeuwarden, Biotechnology scores 68 points and Animal Management, 64. Animal & Livestock Husbandry has not done so well with 54 points.
Students' appraisal
The scores in the guide are based on appraisals by students and visitation committees. Many contact hours and small group tutorials contribute to high scores. Also taken into consideration are student appraisals concerning education programmes, lecturers, teaching methods, careers guidance and facilities. Study programmes with a high rate of dropout or graduation delay get minus points.