News - December 15, 2005

Drinks vouchers for reception

Wageningen students are also affected by the cuts being made by the Executive Board. The Rector, Professor Martin Kropff has halved the budget for the Student Council’s New Year’s reception. There will no longer be an unlimited drinks supply.

Johan Beekhuizen is on the student council committee that is organising the reception. He is disappointed but understanding about the situation. ‘With all the reorganisations that are going on it would be strange if there weren’t cuts here as well.’

For a number of years now the New Year’s reception has been preceded by the award ceremony for the best teacher of the year, and the Rector gives a speech to the students. That part of the programme will be the same, but unlimited drinking afterwards is no longer possible with the reduced budget. ‘Last week we heard exactly how much we have to spend and are still busy working out how we are going to solve the problem. We hope at least to put on a band and a number of free drinks for the students.’ One possibility is that the student council will hand out drinks vouchers.

Whether the reception will actually take place on the planned date, 10 January, is uncertain. Beekhuizen: ‘On Monday we will hear whether Kropff is going to visit the Queen that day. We are looking into whether we’ll be able to postpone the reception. And otherwise we’ll do it without him.’ / JH