News - June 1, 2010

Drink to sustainable energy

Come 27 May, entertainment will partner sustainable energy on the square at Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden. Environmentaltainment is being organized by first year Environmental Science student Onno Lourens de Graaf.

Lourens de Graaf
How did you get the idea for this event?
'It came about during a conversation with DJ Lourens Lefreak. We wanted to provide entertainment together, and also to do something with sustainable energy. That's how we hit on the concept 
'environmentaltainment'. Lourens Lefreak will take care of the music, there will be a beer keg to supply carbon dioxide neutral beer, and visitors can try out electric vehicles.'
How did the idea of studying Environmental Science come about?
'On television, three episodes of Tegenlicht were broadcast in which the energy problem was described. It was clear that the issue needs an urgent re-launch with green energy. I thought about it; this is an very new and innovative market where not much has happened so far. I could play a role in it.'
What role do you see for yourself?
'I want to do something mainly in the area of communication. The sustainable energy sector is very broad. Much needs to be done to bring people within this sector together. These people have to start discussing and come up with new ideas.'
What plans do you have for the future?
'Later, I would very much like to go to Saudi Arabia, the most important oil-producing country in the world. It has become rich because of oil, but this energy source is being used up slowly. The country has a lot of money, which can be channelled into investments in new forms of energy.'