Nieuws - 19 mei 2016

Dressing room secrets

It was just my initial days in Wageningen and I decided to join the hockey team. I and my friend from India were the only two international students in the team, and from a very different culture. It was in the dressing room after our first match that we experienced our culture shock.

We played the first match of the season in Nijmegen. After the match when we got back to the dressing room, everyone except me and my friend threw off all their clothes to take a shower. I stared at my friend with shock and saw he had the same reaction on his face. We went out for a moment and returned when everyone was decently dressed.

It has been more than ten matches now for both of us and it all seems normal now, but we never took a bath after the match which may make our teammates question our hygiene.

I always joke with my Indian friend, imagining if we could somehow disguise ourselves and get into the women’s dressing room for a day. That would certainly be one hell of an experience.

Amit Choudhary, MSc student of Management, Economics and Consumer Studies, from India

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Zijn eerste hockeywedstrijd in Nijmegen heeft een verpletterende indruk gemaakt op masterstudent Amit Choudhary. Of liever gezegd, de kleedkamerscène na de wedstrijd. De Nederlanders gooiden allemaal de kleren van hun lijf om lekker te gaan douchen, Amit en zijn Indiase vriend in verbijstering achterlatend. Inmiddels zijn de twee het gewend, al doen ze zelf niet mee. Wel vragen ze zich af of ze vermomd de dameskleedkamer binnen zouden kunnen komen. ‘Dat zou nog eens een ervaring zijn!’