Nieuws - 12 januari 2012

Dr and Dr Jamil

Muhammed and Tahira Jamil got married in Pakistan in 2003. Three years later, they and their children left for Wageningen to embark on doctoral research.

On 11 November they both received a PhD from the Plant Sciences Group. Tahira worked on a model for relating the characteristics of species to their environment. Muhammed researched the relationship between the plant hormone strigolactone and striga infections in grains (see p. 9). The couple did not see it as a problem that they were working towards their PhDs at the same time. Tahira: ‘For us it was ideal to have similar work; we could help and motivate each other.' Tahira and Muhammed are going back to Pakistan to see their families. After that they will look for two postdoc posts or other jobs.'