Nieuws - 22 november 2007

‘Double’ courses at VHL must go

A complete merger between Van Hall in Leeuwarden and Larenstein in Wageningen and Velp would be a positive move. This is the conclusion of an evaluation of the ongoing merger, done at the request of Van Hall Larenstein. The Hogeschool must decide quickly, however, what happens to the five ‘double' programmes in Leeuwarden and Wageningen.

The evaluation was done at the request of the VHL representative advisory body and outlines the consequences of a full merger. It would lead to more strength and clarity, and would be good for the image of VHL, says the report. One recommendation is that the three locations each develop their own profile with a particular theme. These are likely to be ‘regional transition’ in Velp and ‘sustainable development’ in Leeuwarden. Wageningen wants to emphasise the international character of the programme, so ‘connection and development’ and ‘businesslike idealism’ are on the cards.

The report also considers scenarios for the five programmes taught in both Leeuwarden and Wageningen. In one scenario, two programmes that are similar but not identical would be combined and offered at the two locations. In the other scenario, the five different programmes would be combined into one or more ‘broad bachelor’s programmes’. The choice should be made before the merger is completed. Both scenarios will be considered by the executive board and the representative advisory body. A discussion round will be held at the three locations next week: teachers and students are welcome.