Nieuws - 3 oktober 2019

Dopper bottles everywhere!


You don’t really notice it at first, but drinking water from a Dopper bottle is a real trend in The Netherlands. Once you’ve spotted the first few colourful bottles in people’s backpacks, you will start to realise that they are all around you.

At a lecture at the beginning of Period 1 last year, I noticed that there were many colourful bottles with the same design on my fellow students’ desks. At first I thought this kind of bottle may have been a freebie students got during the AID. But I found out I was wrong when I started to travel around the Netherlands. In Utrecht, Amsterdam and other cities, I would always see such bottles in people’s backpacks. I realized that this was a popular water bottle all over this country.

Drinking tap water from their own bottles is a sustainable solution for the Dutch

At first glance, I didn’t really like the style of the Dopper bottle, although the design was impressive. But as time went by, I began to love Dopper bottles and even got one myself! My Dutch friends told me that Dutch people do not like to spend money on a good brand of mineral water but tend to drink tap water from their own bottles. After all, tap water is drinkable and free in the Netherlands. Dopper bottles are just a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for them. And for me too now!

Zihao Wang, an MSc student of Food Safety, from China

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NL: Populaire waterfles

Wat zijn dat toch voor kleurige flessen op de tafels van mijn medestudenten, vroeg Zihao Wang zich af tijdens een van haar eerste colleges. Ze waren misschien gratis uitgedeeld tijdens de AID, dacht ze. Maar die theorie werd weersproken toen ze later in het jaar diezelfde flessen tegenkwam in Utrecht en Amsterdam. Ze ontdekte dat het waterflessen zijn van het in Nederland populaire merk Dopper. ‘De stijl stond me eerst niet zo aan, maar ik ben ze gaan waarderen en heb er nu zelf ook één!’