Nieuws - 9 september 2009

Dopey gift for hemp researcher

Wageningen UR has received a packet of cannabis seed from 'America'. The sender deeply regretted the destruction of the hemp field in Flevoland by the police.

The packet of cannabis seeds received by Wageningen UR
'I read that your cannabis plantation was destroyed by the intolerant Dutch police. I feel very sorry for you. I would therefore like to offer you these seeds, to soften the blow a bit. Peace.'
Thus wrote a certain Richard Mikesell. The packet was posted in the Netherlands and delivered by TNT. Mikesell's expression of sympathy was accompanied by 100 grams of cannabis seed worth one hundred euros, according to the label.
it fell to communication adviser Bert Janssen of the Environmental Science Group to deal with the valuable gift. He says: 'The devastated trial plot was one of the Plant Science Group's experiments. So I sent the packet to the project leader at Plant. With some regret.'