Nieuws - 20 september 2007

Dismal score for VHL

Van Hall Larenstein has scored badly in this year’s Higher Education Guide. In the database of student scores that the guide is based on, the Velp and Leeuwarden locations come out low in the middle section. The Wageningen location comes second to last of all 57 higher professional education institutes that were evaluated.

The Velp location of VHL got 6.67 from the students surveyed, coming out top; Leeuwarden scored 6.65, Wageningen 6.65. The Velp students are more impressed with the facilities provided. All locations score worst for communication: Velp and Leeuwarden got a six minus, Wageningen failed with 4.8. Director of VHL Erica Schaper thinks that the disappointing scores are partly due to the recent merger. For the Wageningen location, the move from Deventer plays a role too. VHL also scores lower than other agricultural colleges. Schaper: ‘We are aiming for peace and stability in the coming years, and will see how we can improve our score in other ways too. We want to climb in the rankings.’