Nieuws - 26 november 2010

Discussion with Zijlstra 'disappointing'

Student representatives from technical universities, including that in Wageningen, handed a manifesto to state secretary Zijlstra yesterday. They discussed the situation of exact sciences students, who will be unfairly hard hit by new cabinet plans.

Zijlstra will continue to promote exact sciences courses but could not say how.
Sofie Terwel, national commissioner for Veste, represented Wageningen during the discussion.
According to her, the arguments put forward were taken seriously and Zijlstra will continue promoting the exact sciences. 'Unfortunately, the state secretary could not say how; moreover, the money would have to be, by hook or by crook, derived from education', she reveals.
The result of the discussion was disappointing. Zijlstra could not make any promises at all. 'An exact science education, according to the state secretary, is primarily an investment in one's own future, but in fact, well educated science students are essential for the Dutch economy and community', adds the student council member.
Not clear
Now that this path to find a solution has come up against odds, the students want to talk to education spokespersons in the Second Chamber. What would happen after that discussion is not clear yet, says Terwel. 'After that, we will have to rely on the national organizations, including those for exact sciences students.'