News - December 3, 2009

Disco-sport evening

With about 270 participants, the sporting evening on Thursday 26 November in the Bongerd Sports Complex was a big success. No less than 39 student teams took part in the six hour long Thymos Disco Sport Night, a la the seventies.

A few young men dressed in funky translucent jumpers displayed their enthusiasm in the Wicked Warm Up in the sport hall. Their gigantic glittering reflective wigs sent the bright disco lights bouncing back and forth. Subsequently, the teams released their vigour at disco sports such as the Radical Relay Race, Unreal Universe Unihockey, Shagadelic Skirt Soccer, Funkadelic Dodgeball Brawl and Kosher Knotsbal. During the Psychedelic Pool Party, teams were pitted against one another diving and swimming in the pool.
The team De Grutto's, occupants of a student house on the Gruttoweide, won the first prize of eight tickets for a show in Theater Junushoff.