Nieuws - 2 november 2010

Dijkhuizen's 2009 salary is not news

The list of top salaries in higher education published by the education union AOB last week is old news. What Aalt Dijkhuizen is set to earn in 2010, following his pay negotiations and reappointment in the Spring, is much more interesting. It seems he has taken a drop in pay.

Just like every year, the AOB published its list of top incomes at all Dutch universities last week. At the top of the list is Aalt Dijkhuizen, who cost 350,000 euros in 2009, well over six percent more than in 2008. That had already been published in Wageningen UR's annual report for 2009. Last year Dijkhuizen was paid 278,296; in 2008 the figure was 264,062 euros. His pay was topped up with the best part of eighty thousand euros (almost thirty percent) in pension payments into the ABP pension fund.

The 278,000 euro salary is made up of a fixed component and a variable one, explains executive board spokesman Simon Vink. The variable component consists of a performance-related bonus given to directors who meet their targets. And nowadays that is allowed to be up to thirty percent of the salary, Margreet de Boer reported in Resource earlier this year. De Boer is chair of the Supervisory Board which negotiates with Dijkhuizen about his pay. From 2010, the performance bonus is to go down gradually from thirty to ten percent of the salary, De Boer reported. Little by little, this should bring Dijkhuizen's salary, including pension payments, down below the 300,000 mark. Vink cannot say yet what Dijkhuizen will be paid in 2010. We shall be able to read that in the annual report due out in March 2011.
Wageningen's top managers have been in the top ten high-earning managers in Dutch higher education for years now. The reasoning of the executive board is that this reflects the fact that they manage Wageningen University, DLO and Van Hall Larenstein university of applied sciences. They also get a performance-related bonus because DLO is a market-driven organization.