Nieuws - 8 september 2011

Dijkhuizen gets even

'Turns out the researcher(s?), not the meat-eaters, are the louts', twittered Aalt Dijkhuizen today in reaction to Diederik Stapel's invented research results.

Wageningen UR's boss criticized Roos Vonk in particular as she made statements on the basis of fictional data. Vonk wrote in an essay in the Volkskrant newspaper in August 2010:  'deep at heart people are often not so stupid and loutish as they appear from their behaviour. Not even meat-eaters.'

Dijkhuizen had already got annoyed at the professors' petition started by Vonk in 2010 in protest against intensive livestock farming. He noted that none of the Wageningen professors signing the petition were experts in livestock farming and therefore they should not have signed it. 'I can't help feeling quite a few of the signatories might have been abusing their job title of professor.'
Today Dijkhuizen had a chance to get even. 'Turns out the researcher(s?), not the meat-eaters, are the louts. Will Roos Vonk be as critical about herself as she is about others???'

Dijkhuizen doesn't leave it at that. 'Origin of data unknown, never met the researcher, unpublished research but still a press release. How's that good science???'
Vonk responds to Dijkhuizen's tweet: 'So is it still OK to twitter about things you don't know/make up? Origin WAS known. Stapel was a good friend.'