Organisation - June 1, 2006

Dijkhuizen best paid

Dr Aalt Dijkhuizen is this year once again the best paid executive board president, according to figures published by the graduate weekly Intermediair, based on the yearly figures of Dutch universities. The total salary costs paid by Wageningen UR for Dijkhuizen in 2005 amounted to 242 thousand euros, six thousand euros less than the previous year. According to the executive board spokesman Simon Vink, it is impossible to compare this figure with other universities: ‘Dijkhuizen is of course not only head of the executive board; he is president of Wageningen UR, the biggest knowledge institute in the Netherlands. The costs of the executive board are therefore divided among three parties: the university, DLO (research institutes) and Van Hall-Larenstein. It wouldn’t surprise me if Wageningen University actually has the lowest costs for its top management,’ said Vink. He was not prepared to go into the breakdown of the salary costs or the size of bonus that Dijkhuizen gets. / JH