Nieuws - 10 januari 2008

Dijkhuizen: ‘Double student numbers’

Things are going well but we mustn’t rest on our laurels, was the main message in Aalt Dijkhuizen’s new year speech.

According to the Executive Board president, Wageningen University should be aiming to double its student numbers and Van Hall Larenstein should set its sights on a place in the top five of the Guide to Higher Education. One member of the audience had indicated that they did not speak Dutch so Dijkhuizen spoke in English. He started by listing the positive events of 2007: the opening of Forum, the first Spinoza prize and good financial results all round. ‘This has given us positive energy, which we need because there’s still a lot to do.’ Dijkhuizen appealed to all students and staff to help think about a ‘future proof’ educational system and research direction.