Nieuws - 17 november 2011

‘Did I do it?'

Who? Janneke Sindram (third-year Biology student)
What? Enters competitions and races on her recumbent bike
Why? On 30 October she broke the world record (46.505 km in one hour) for non-faired recumbent bicycles

A world record?
‘Yes, although it hasn't really sunk in what that means. I just know I cycled really fast.'
How did it feel?
‘I was extremely nervous beforehand but once I got going I was full of energy. I had to force myself to slow down because an hour is a long time. That's why I was pleased when I got to the halfway point. Not long after that my speed dropped and I couldn't seem to get the speedometer up again. I had this sinking feeling and began to wonder why I'd ever wanted to do this. But it's not in my character to give up and I didn't want to disappoint the spectators either. My first question when I had stopped was: "Did I do it?".'
Why this sport?
‘Recumbent cycling isn't a professional sport and so there are far fewer rules than in professional sports like upright cycling. The bikes have to meet specific requirements in upright cycling whereas I can build my own bike.'
What now?
‘Next year I want to break my own record. I also think it would be fun to transfer to the faired category and I've had an offer to start professional upright cycling. But first I'm going to spend a month doing nothing at all.'