News - December 3, 2009

Dependant on climate funding

Wageningen researchers all seem to accept the greenhouse effect theory. This worries Leffert Oldenkamp, ex-guest lecturer at Wageningen UR. He is amazed by the attitudes at Wageningen. 'The university is going along with a hype and sometimes creates virtual solutions for the real problems.'

'It is astonishing that Wageningen scientists all believe that the greenhouse effect is caused by human activity. It seems there is no place any more for enquiring scientists with a healthy dose of scepticism. There really are good scientists for whom the possible human influence on the climate remains at a theoretical minimum. But they are ignored here, in spite of invitations to join a scientific debate.'
'Wageningen climate researchers Pavel Kabat and Pier Vellinga have now, after much insistence, written an article in Spil magazine, in which they address the controversial issues. Unfortunately all they came up with was a glorified creed. They stand uncritically behind the IPCC report of 2007, from which the ideas of peer reviewers with well-founded doubts were removed. Kabat and his cronies are followers in the climate discussion and they lack nerve. There is no critical scientific mindset. Many scientists are by now quite dependent on funding from climate-related funds. Perhaps that is why unanimity and political correctness have become so important.'
 'It is clear that the management of Wageningen UR don't encourage any discussion either. What is more, there is no funding for critical research. It sometimes seems as though in Wageningen UR every little change in the weather is put down to climate change. And unconsciously, an ideal climate is taken as the norm. How absurd.'
'Quite apart from the waste of research funding, this means that solutions to serious problems such as food shortages and deforestation are further off than ever. Problems like these need to be tackled with both feet on the ground and not with our heads in the clouds.'