Nieuws - 5 september 2012

Demonstration denouncing Dijkhuizen's statements

Students protested against the statements by Chairman of the Board Dijkhuizen after an appeal on Facebook. They see no future in making farming even more intensive.

The people eating their lunch today looked on in amazement at the theatrical performance in the Forum hall. About twenty current and former students, including some Socialist Party members, were protesting against the statements by Chairman of the Board Dijkhuizen. He said in Trouw newspaper on Monday that intensive farming is the only option if we are to satisfy the future demand for food.
The demonstrators carried banners with texts such as: The food problem is an allocation problem and Organic can feed the world. At the same time the group shouted slogans and waved courgettes around.  The message mostly got lost among the general clamour in the hall, given that it took some time to find a working amplifier.
At the end, a spokesperson called on students to study this issue and come to the debate with Dijkhuizen. The group is still in discussions the Executive Board, but the plan is for the debate to take place next week in Forum. After the protest was over, the group also marched past the Atlas building.