News - June 23, 2011

Delft most enterprising uni; Wageningen third

The Technical University of Delft is the Netherlands’ most enterprising university, Eindhoven collaborates the most with the business world, and Tilburg communicates best about knowledge. Wageningen ranks third overall for enterprise.

This has emerged from a study [link is to a Dutch rankings list] by ScienceWorks for the weekly magazine Elsevier. None of the Dutch universities can clearly explain the benefits of knowledge valorisation and they are not very good at  explaining what their achievements have been in this area, says the research bureau.

In order to identify the most enterprising university, ScienceWorks looked at the number of course programmes on entrepreneurship, the presence of business incubators for startup companies, and the number of patents. Delft scored best on this point, with Wageningen in eighth place. The most successfully collaborating university is the one which attracts the most contract research and education, and works with companies in top institutes. Eindhoven is doing best at this, Delft comes second and Wageningen third. And the best communicator among the universities is Tilburg, which disseminates its knowledge via daily newspapers, radio and TV. Wageningen UR came third in this category too.
In the overall rankings, Delft comes top, followed by the University of Amsterdam and Wageningen UR. The technical universities work together with business a lot, but do not score so well at communication. The researchers think that the various universities can learn a lot from each other in order to improve their knowledge valorisation.