Nieuws - 14 september 2012

'Defeat fans the fire'

Ex-LSVb president and Wageningen student Pascal ten Have stood at the 41st position of the Green Left party. Disappointed he might be - a day after the elections - but the fighting spirit and optimism prevailed.

How did Green Left suffer such a big defeat?
'I think we had a false start. The internal hassle was blown so out of proportion that we became just a switch box and Tofik. But the party is strong and its ideals, good. But if a former Greenpeace activist could become the next prime minister, votes would go that way too. People might prefer a Samson I than Rutte II.  A pity. Strategically pitched, yet defeated.'
Did you carry out an intensive campaign?
'Yes, because I'm still young, I was given the best debates. I had many discussions with people at universities and education information centres where I was less involved in policy matters but more on feelings. It was very nice.' 
What were the last days like?
'The campaign got more intense. We had 'four wake-up days' during which some people had only two hours of sleep. Nobody really wanted to know the outcome on Wednesday; we knew that it would be bad news. We had however counted on 6 or 7 seats. But now people such as Jesse Klaver and Linda Voortman have to step down. For them, it's a bitter pill to swallow, and tears are inevitable. But what this eventually does is fan the fire.' 
Do you still believe in the future of the party?
'Yes, of course. D66 has been through this as well, but they are now strong. That's because they've support from a big party. It's a pity that we now have so few people to get the green issues into parliament. We need to work together with volunteers a great deal in the years to come.'