Nieuws - 16 september 2009

Decision on new buildings for nutrition groups put on hold

The Executive Board has not yet decided whether to speed up construction of the new buildings on the campus for the nutrition groups (ATV) of the university.

Aalt Dijkhuizen announced in the spring that this decision would be made on Princes' Day, when budget figures for the university for the coming years would be made known. According to the long-term prognosis, there will be no cuts for the university.
However, Dijkhuizen now wants to wait for the outcome of the 'general deliberations' or budget debates in the 'Second Chamber', or lower house of the Dutch parliament. The cabinet intends to make drastic cuts in government expenditure several years from now, and Dijkhuizen needs more time to gauge whether university education will also be affected then. The Supervisory Board, whose go-ahead is needed for the construction plans, will meet in mid-October to discuss the new ATV  buildings.