Student - October 19, 2015

Deceased in Dijkgraaf not yet identified

Koen Guiking

The deceased person in the student building Dijkgraaf is not easily identified by a family member. A dental analysis or DNA test will have to prove if it was indeed the tenant of the room.

The police has contacted the brother of the tenant in whose room the body was found on Friday the 16th of October. Through the DNA of the brother it should also be possible to prove if the deceased is indeed the tenant.

It is already clear that the person passed away by natural causes. There are no signs of crime or suicide, says the police spokesman Paul Koetsier. Therefore, there is no further reason for the police to search for the exact cause of death. Also the question on how long the person was already dead, will not be investigated further by the police. ‘If the family wants more answers to these questions, then it is up to them to investigate further’, says Sylvie Deenen, director of Idealis.

This morning Idealis held a meeting for the residents of the hall where the body was found. ‘We told them that, for those who have the need, there are contact persons with whom they can share their story.’

Someone had placed flowers at the front door of Dijkgraaf 6C. A small letter on the wall read: ‘Don’t be afraid in [the] dark’. A resident told Resource that the deceased student had lived in that hall ‘for a very long time’.