Nieuws - 13 februari 2012

Debate on student housing without Idealis

Pulse, the newly formed Wageningen student organization, will kick off its launch week this evening with a debate on student accommodation. Idealis, Wageningen's student housing agency, will not be present, though.

Romy Appelman, chairperson of Pulse, says regretfully: 'We would have preferred to have a debate involving the three major parties in the housing market. Alderman Michiel Uitdehaag is unable to attend, and Hans van Medenbach does not want to.'
Corina van Dijk confirms that Idealis top man Hans van Medenbach has not accepted the invitation from Pulse. 'We would like to have a debate in which all the decision-makers are present. The university sends a spokesperson and Michiel Uitdehaag is on holiday. There won't be a real debate in this case, Idealis feels.'
The accommodation debate will take place this evening at 7 pm in café Loburg. The participants will be Coen Smiers of the accommodation committee of Ceres, Wageningen UR spokesperson Simon Vink, and Peter Veldman, a council member of the Wageningen Municipality.