Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

Debate on food security and food safety

Debate on food security and food safety

‘Food safety is not western luxury but a global concern’

More food production in the world is priority number one, but food safety
is an integral part of that and as important for developing countries as
for developed countries. That was the message that Professor Louise Fresco,
assistant director of the world Food and Agricultural organisation FAO
brought to Wageningen last Thursday.

Louise Fresco, a former Wageningen University student and professor,
declared at the beginning of her lecture for studium generale that she was
happy to be ‘back home’ for a few days. She lectured energetically and her
old role of professor seemed to fit her as well as before. “The benefits
from modern agriculture in the past 30 years are immense and agricultural
production has risen at a speed that is unprecedented in human history.