Nieuws - 8 februari 2007

De Wereld occupied

Two former students of Wageningen University, Mazdak Mirramezani from Iran and Oblé Neya from Burkina Faso, occupied the bridal suite of Hotel De Wereld in Wageningen on Wednesday 7 February. They were accompanied by the Dutch-Ukrainian actress Victoria Koblenko.

The ‘bed-in’, inspired by the world famous sleep-in by the Beatle John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono in 1969 at the Amsterdam Hilton, was intended to encourage Dutch politicians to become real ‘world leaders’. Mirramezani and Neya are both members of De Derde Kamer (‘The Third Chamber’), a Dutch shadow parliament organisation promoting public involvement in issues concerning development, trade, security and globalisation. Hotel De Wereld, property of Wageningen University, was chosen for the action because of its appropriate name.