Student - 3 maart 2016

‘De Bunker open again this spring’

Linda van der Nat

The board of De Bunker expects that the pub of Dijkgraaf can be opened again next period. De Bunker was closed two weeks ago after a party that got out of hand.

Idealis and the board of De Bunker have agreed that the board will report when they have finished their ‘homework’, according to Hellen Albers of the student housing organization. This homework concerns points of the user agreement of De Bunker, which were never made concrete in a policy. ‘If the board can make a quick conversion, I expect that De Bunker can quickly reopen.’ It primarily concerns agreements on serving alcohol to minors and rent out the pub to outsiders.

Bunker chairman David van den Broek said last week that he expected that De Bunker could open next period. Which starts on 14 March. ‘Of course it is a great pity that this happened and I understand that Idealis wanted to close it temporarily. It is now up to us as a board to show that we can move on with a better start. I expect it to be next period, so that the case can rest a little.’

Half February a party in the Dijkgraaf pub got out of hand. The board of De Bunker had not paid enough attention and had allowed a party of somebody that did not live in Dijkgraaf, which is not allowed according to the rules of Idealis. The party, that was announced on Facebook, and attracted more than 400 people. The ‘bouncers’ did not manage to get the crowd at the door to leave, according to Van den Broek, after which in consultation with a police officer they decided to end the party so that everyone could calmly leave Dijkgraaf. This did not go well: the partygoers became restless and more police needed to be summoned. Van den Broek: ‘the police officers felt threatened by the superior power and then decided to clear the area with force.’

Idealis then decided to close the pub indefinitely. According to Albers it was found that this was just an incident, but the board did have to ‘get their act together.’