Nieuws - 13 oktober 2005

DLO greying

Fewer and fewer young people are employed at the research institutes. As a result of the current cuts, temporary contracts of young employees are not being renewed. In 2003 a quarter of the employees were younger than 35, now the figure is only seventeen percent, according to figures from the central department of Human Resource Management at Wageningen UR. DLO has got rid of 580 jobs in the last two years. According to the HRM director Roel van Eijndhoven, the greying of the DLO workforce is an unavoidable result of the cuts. We have more obligations to the people who have been working for a longer time in our institutes, most with a permanent contract. You automatically look first at the flexible areas. Temporary contracts are often not renewed, which leads to a rise in average age. In the long term this will indeed be a problem. But we have to first try and solve the short-term problem: the shortages at the institutes. That’s a bit different.’ / KV