Nieuws - 23 april 2009


VeSte, one of the two parties in the student council, is organizing a debate on internationalization at Wageningen UR. More than a hundred nationalities and a quarter of the university’s students come from abroad. But does that make Wageningen an international university, the members of VeSte wonder.

What about the integration among students of different nationalities? Should the bachelor programs and Resource be in English? How is the intercultural communication in the study groups going? These are important issues, according to Anne Reijbroek, chair of VeSte. ‘It will be good to get everyone together and discuss what goes well and what could be better.’
After a film in which several students air their views on internationalization at Wageningen University, the debate will be led by Pim Brascamp, director of education at Wageningen UR. / Alexandra Branderhorst

Debate on internationalization at Wageningen UR, 28 April 2009, 16.30 hours, at Ceres, Generaal Foulkesweg 1b, Wageningen.