Nieuws - 15 januari 2009


Wageningen University students’ dearest wish is for the Leeuwenborch library to stay open. This came out of the Sinterklaas wish campaign run by the Student Council. Martin Kropff is not going to grant that wish, he said at the student council’s New Year drinks party.

At the end of last year, 206 students sent their Sinterklaas wishes in to the Student Council. Besides the top wish, to keep the Leeuwenborch library, students also wished for a more sustainable university, and cheaper and better food in the canteen. Responding to the wishes at the Student Council’s New Year party on 7 January, Rector Martin Kropff said that he still has no intention of granting the wish to keep the library. But the Student Council will keep on pressing for the granting of the other wishes, such as ‘a good price-quality deal for students when a new contract is signed with the caterer Albron – something the student council doesn’t really have any say over, unfortunately’ – PSF chairperson Harriët Tienstra.
So the student council has made a list of workable wishes, which include a non-slippery bridge outside the Forum, more case studies from outside the Netherlands, class discussions in English, and a better integration of the IT system. ‘At the moment we’ve got both Eduweb and Blackboard, and teachers use whichever they prefer. It can be confusing’, explains Harriët. / Alexandra Branderhorst

1. Keep Leeuwenborch library open
2. Sustainable university
3. Cheaper food in the canteen
4. More computer work stations
5. Better food quality in the canteen
5. Better integration / international university