Nieuws - 31 maart 2010

Cyclists must walk down Bornsesteeg


Cyclists are going to have to walk down the Bornsesteeg to prevent accidents on this busy lane. Student organization WSO opposes the plan.

The Bornsesteeg is one of the busiest roads in Wageningen, with over 8000 cyclists per day using the lane to get to and from the campus. This was shown by students of Transport, Traffic and Infrastructure in a report last year. It makes it one of the busiest cycle paths in the country. 
There have been no serious accidents so far. 'And we want to keep it that way', says Wageningen UR spokesman Simon Vink. 'We are responsible for the safety of our students and staff, and the current situation is dangerous.'
Cyclists will therefore be asked to walk between the entrance to the swimming pool and the bridge to the Forum. Signposts will make this clear and Vink does not rule out the option of police surveillance. 'In principle there is a fine for non-compliance, but I assume we'll issue warnings initially.'
Student organization WSO is angry, and thinks there must be better solutions, such as a separate footpath. WSO asks students and staff to sign a petition at