Student - March 8, 2016

Cultural café in Campus Plaza

Roelof Kleis

The Campus Plaza will include a cultural cafe, a fast food restaurant and an international bakery. The estate developer Ten Brinke reveals.

The construction of Campus Plaza is coming to an end. Most of the scaffolds have been removed, the lettering has been placed on the facade. But it remained unclear which businesses would move in on the ground floor. This uncertainty was partially removed by Jos van Schriek of Ten Brinke by announcing these branches.

Campus Plaza will get an interesting mix of retail, culture and services. The most noticeable is the announcement of the cultural cafe. According to Schriek we can expect cultural activities such as performances, lectures and outlooks on the Wageningen cultural offer, in a cafe like atmosphere. ‘The focus is on culture, the initiators have a cultural background and not a cafe background.’

One of the initiators shares that they are discussing such an business. ‘With this initiative we want to join the campus with the city. The cafe will become a sort of outpost.’ It will be decorated in an American diner-like style, next to which singer-songwriters or jazz performances can be held and large screens can display the film and culture offer of Wageningen.

In the field of catering Campus Plaza will have a fast food restaurant and a restaurant with pasta dishes. For the daily groceries a ‘student supermarket’, a  vegetable shop and an international bakery are planned. The bakery will be run by a Dutch person with an international descent ‘who will make foreign bread and bread dishes.’

Furthermore, a Kiosk and a copy shop are planned. According to Van Schriek this package fills about 70 percent of the Campus Plaza. These places have either been leased or the conversations are at a final stage. For the remainder 30 percent space the conversations are still exploratory. Ten Brinke will share their names in a couple of months.

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  • X

    Ik vind het allemaal een beetje overbodig. Hoe zit het dan met de andere supermarkten, kantines op de uni zelf en dergelijke? Voortaan kopen we dus alles gewoon daar?

  • kwaliteit van leven?

    Na de frietmachine nu ook een fastfood-restaurant op de campus. Hoezo, 'voor de kwaliteit van leven'?

    • SUBWAY

      Subway is anders ook een fastfoodrestaurant. Niks mis mee lijkt me?

    • ZLG

      Als je constant alles wat ook maar een beetje verkeerd zou kunnen zijn uit je leven moet verbannen, dan betwijfel ik de 'kwaliteit van je leven'.

      In een gevarieerd eetpatroon past zo nu en dan een frietje of fastfood toch prima?

    • Fastfood

      Yes! nieuwe vaste lunchplek! Eindelijk!

  • Roelof Kleis

    Een mooie vertikking. Ik heb 'm meteen weggesluierd. Dank je.

  • Mierenneuker

    Tipje van de sluiter?